Many people experience a mid-career crisis, where you show up, do the work, and take home a paycheck. It is difficult to contemplate a change when you feel boxed into a particular job or you are not being recognized for the work that you are doing. How do you pivot and achieve your career goals? Determining what you want for yourself, both professionally and personally, can be an ongoing challenge.

Our HIGH GEAR CAREER™ ACADEMY course was designed to help you find your way, providing a roadmap for anyone trying to solve the interrelated challenges of career and life planning. Designed for the mid-career professional with 10 or more years of experience, this course covers a variety of pathways: moving up in your current career; changing roles, industries, or organizations; or even exploring options of starting your own business. Cohorts are limited in size in order to provide a rich, personalized mentoring experience.

The High Gear Career™ Academy is currently wait-listed while Susan and her team of subject matter experts design a compelling digital learning experience.

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