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Christine DeHahn Panko

"I've made huge progress and I'm thrilled with where this is leading."

I know you're super busy. but thank you for helping me. I've made huge progress and I'm thrilled with where this is leading. I finally feel on my way."

Christine dHahn Panko, Legacy Coach

"I trust Susan and value her perspective when challenging me to grow."

"I have benefited from Sue’s insight and guidance in honing my professional skills, developing personal best practices, exploring my strengths, and learning how to play off of them for success."

Carin Alves, Senior Director

Carin Alves



Dawn Christensen

"Susan's laser-like ability to recognize challenges and design solutions make her an asset to any client."

"She is a creative person, continually thinking outside the box and providing innovation solutions to her client's personal and business challenges. Her genuine warmth and friendliness only enhances what she brings to the table."

Dawn Christensen,

Health & Wellness Advisor

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