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At Susan Krautbauer Consulting, our professional community embraces diversity and multi-culturalism in all of its forms and promotes respect, cultural competence, and inclusion in every facet of our work.

As a human-centered organization, we believe in the innate value of each person. This is reflected in our organizational culture and guides our activities with clients, partners, and the communities we serve.

"We are greater than, and greater for,

the sum of us." ~Heather McGhee, author

Our community is enriched by the unique differences found among its diverse members, our clients, and other stakeholders. Our core values embrace equal opportunity, and promotes the use of personal and cultural backgrounds to enhance our unique professional and personal journeys. We continuously strive to accomplish this by:

  • Demonstrating sensitivity to all forms of diversity and multiculturalism including, but not

    limited to: age, gender and gender identity, race, color and ethnicity, nationality and national

    origin, ancestry, religious affiliation and creed, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status,

    political affiliation, physical and mental abilities, veteran and active armed service status, job

    responsibilities and experience, education and training.

  • Acknowledging the varied beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and customs of the people that constitute

    its communities of interest, thereby creating a diverse, multicultural, and inclusive professional


  • Promoting an appreciation for communication between, and understanding among, people with

    different beliefs and backgrounds.

It is through the application of these values that we strive to create an atmosphere based on dignity, inclusiveness and self-awareness that is focused on individual exploration, learning, and success for all, respective of cultural identity. We have fun. We respect each other and bring our best selves to this work. 

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Core Values